Resources for a lesson about the South African Apartheid?
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I need help planning a 50 minute presentation for a Holocaust remembrance day relating to the apartheid in South Africa. It will be focused on the music of South Africa, after giving some background information. Did I mention that it is for a bunch of 7th/8th graders and is happening on Wednesday?

I personally don't know much of anything about the apartheid, and have no idea where to start finding music that includes a translation/background information section. Can somebody point me in the direction of some music, good background information sources, and some activities for some impatient kids?
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Start by renting Cry Freedom?
posted by PercussivePaul at 10:32 PM on March 8, 2008 might have some info for you. It's run by the Southern Poverty Law Centre. It addresses issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism,'s quite diverse and has a lot of articles and information, as well as teaching materials--it's got lesson plans, classroom activities, teaching ideas etc. I'd suggest you browse the "for teachers" section to see if there is anything suitable for your age group and topics.
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Amandla! A revolution in four part harmony is an excellent documentary that highlights the role of music in the struggle against Apartheid.
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Rounder records issued: Radio Freedom: Voice of the African National Congress and the People's Army Umkhonto We Sizwe back in the 1980s. Recorded live in a studio broadcasting the then illegal African National congress' radio shows.

Homeland 2 is a good sampler of South African popular/folk styles. Also on rounder.

Johnny Clegg and Sipho Mchunu founded Jaluka when it was illegal for a white and a black to play and perform together. Their music is based on Zulu folklore, while Clegg's later work with Savuka touches more on politics (and is in English.)

David Coplan's 1985 book "In Township To-nite!" seems to be out of print but is worth checking libraries for. Coplan was an ethnomusicologist working on the effect of racial politics on the south african music industry. It is an excellent read.
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Response by poster: I have Amandala, also that email address is only a temporary one I setup on my website that I could disable when this post is closed. 202 is the date I posted this.
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