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Name that movie! I am trying to recall the name of a movie I saw in the early to mid 2000s. It was a thriller drama, maybe classified as horror (although I don't remember it being particularly gruesome). It offers an explanation for some of the thousands of unsolved missing persons cases by following a cross country truck driver who is a serial killer.

I do not think it was based on a true story, but it may have been (helpful, I know).

A few not-so-detailed details:
- at the very end or near the end the audience finds out this trucker has been burying the victims on either his land or a piece of land he owns. The camera shows a few graves then pans out and shows a huge swath of land and the viewer is supposed to assume that although we know of a few cases there are likely 300+/hundreds.
- I do not recall if the fact that the killer is a trucker is introduced right away.
- The fact that the killer was cross-country trucker offers some explanation about why he was never caught.
- I don't recall the movie even being particularly good. I don't think it would have received any accolades or awards and I don't recall any big-name actors in it.

I likely watched it in the early to mid 2000s.

Thanks for your help!!
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Joy Ride?
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No, not Joy Ride, but thank you.
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suspect zero?
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I also popped in to say Suspect Zero.
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No, not Suspect Zero, but thanks! This killer was targeting random people, not other serial killers. And there were no telepathic/remote viewing angles in it.

Thank you though!
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Could it have been Breakdown with Kurt Russell? Featured an evil trucker.
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Not trying to be argumentative, but are you sure it isn't Suspect Zero? It's what I immediately thought of. The main serial killer didn't target other serial killers, he was a trucker that killed (or abducted) from all over. The weird psychic serial killer thing was with the people hunting him. The movie came out in 2004 and there is definitely a scene at the killer's land where the camera pans from one shallow grave to show hundreds (1 hour, 21 minutes in.) Also, it wasn't particularly good. I never expected/wanted to see it again, but this question was bothering me, so I downloaded it and checked. It might not be the movie you're thinking of, but it does seem to fit the criteria. It might be worth checking it out.
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ActingTheGoat, I did watch the full trailer and read the synopsis and it really did not ring a bell. But I admit that it certainly fits the criteria. I promise to find and watch the full movie - or at least scan it. Perhaps watching the trailer is just not enough. Thanks!
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Yeah, Breakdown, maybe.
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Suspect Zero it is! When I watched the trailer nothing rang a bell but I watched/scanned the whole movie and that was it.

Thank you all and thank you ActingTheGoat for pushing me to revisit it after I mentioned I did not think that was it.
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