Need help with film title of a documentary about the director's missing friend.
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Need help with film title of a documentary about the director's missing friend.

I saw a very moving and eerie documentary around 10 years ago. Either the IFC or Sundance channel had showed it. The director was also the narrator and he had a European accent when narrating the film (in English). I thought it was a film by Werner Herzog but I just looked him up on IMDB and none of his film titles stuck out...I am sure I would recognize the title if I saw it.

It was a documentary about a missing person. The director was intimately tied to the story because the missing person in the film was a dear personal friend of his. His friend, simply disappeared into thin air and the film unfolded like a gripping detective story. One scene I recall is when the camera crew came upon an old cabin in bad shape. They had reason to believe that the person in question had been murdered and buried beneath the floor. I can't remember how it concluded but the director had feared that he maybe had fell victim to a crime...particularity because he would never have simply vanished on his own. The film went on to interview various other friends and artfully put together a poignant portrait of this individual that many cared so much about.

Any ideas as to the title of this documentary and if so, is it available on DVD? Thanks.
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Best answer: Was it Missing Allen?

I've never seen the movie itself, but it's one of the few hits on IMDB for "missing-person" and "documentary"
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Response by poster: That was it...Thank you so much. If only I could find the DVD now which seems out of print.
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