I'm looking for real life examples like The Shining.
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And by Shining type cases, let me say that English ghosts and psychic kids are of course a bonus but in no way necessary. What I'm getting as is I'm trying to do some research on cases of murder or near murder brought on by isolation. Where can I find examples of dark deeds brought on - or exacerbated by - people being stuck somewhere far away from others?
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Unclear where the cause and effect is here, but -- the Unabomber?
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There are several instances of people resorting to cannibalism because they were isolated by accidents or bad weather
- Cannibal rugby players
- The Donner Party
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Response by poster: I'm looking more for people who have to go somewhere remote together. Like a fire watch station. Or a remote hunting or mining cabin. Or out on a small boat. Somewhere a few go out and one comes back.
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I think death in extremis is more common than straight-up gone-crazy murder. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R_v_Dudley_and_Stephens http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_Oates http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smalls_Lighthouse
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There's some stuff at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk%3ACabin_fever but it's suspiciously unsourced.
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I am not sure if this is quite what you want but I can think of many awful murders where the victim was in a remote area and the killer was specifically lurking in the area (which they were familiar with) looking for innocent people passing through to harm. These killers weren't necessarily living in isolation but they were able to blend in without looking suspicious in these remote locations, possibly even gaining the initial trust of their victims.

For example there is the serial killer who murdered Meredith Emerson. He appears to have sometimes preyed on people in isolated spots, such as hikers, and spent a lot of time just hanging out on trails. Thankfully he was caught.

Rest stops are also hunting grounds for unhinged lunatics. There is the sad tale of Phillip Fraser, who left his home in Alaska and while driving through a remote area of British Columbia in the late 80s was murdered by an unknown hitchhiker he picked up at an isolated rest spot. I also think of the killer who attacked an elderly couple, Gordon and Jacqueline McAllister (murdering the wife) at another remote rest stop in the 90s, this time in Blind River, Ontario. You can probably find many more examples of predators who frequented isolated rest stops by Googling.

A truly heartbreaking one is the serial murderer who attacked and killed couples out camping. It is believed he is responsible for the deaths of Mike Reimer and his girlfriend Diana Robertson in the mid 80s when they were out in the woods with their toddler looking for a Christmas tree. The most disturbing part is the murderer drove the toddler to a shopping centre and abandoned the child there, and the police did not immediately connect the wandering child to a crime. Sadly while Diana was found right away (she was out in the open and horribly displayed), the buried body of Mike was not found until 2011 so for decades it was wrongly thought he was the killer. There is some speculation the perpetrator was living in the forest.

Possibly you would want to know more about whoever is harming hitchhikers along the "Highway of Tears" (although it is likely numerous jerks are taking advantage of vulnerable travelers in crimes of opportunity)?

These disgusting killers don't deserve to have their names or nicknames posted but you can easily Google their innocent victims and learn more.

If you don't mind fiction there is the episode "Ice" from the X-Files, where scientists stuck in a remote outpost in Alaska become insane and gory sci-fi inspired death results.
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Response by poster: Yeah none of this is really what I'm looking for. I need more recent versions of Cabin fever.
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These are both unsolved but involve the death/murder of a group of isolated people.
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