Need GMail standalone app for Blackberry Storm 9530
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Looking for the app (or files) for GMail on my Blackberry Storm. Yes, Storm and yes Storm (original not Storm 2). Google no longer supports this and will not allow me to download the app.

Last night when I went to bed, I had a perfectly working Blackberry Storm. While that is not saying a lot, it was a small comfort to me. When I awoke this morning, I had the dreaded "JVM Error 545".

I spent the morning wiping my device, reinstalling the OS and trying to recreate what I had. I was able to find a download for the Google Voice app by changing my internet settings to "Firefox". The only application and only thing I cannot get back is the GMail app.

Yes, I can and do get my email through IMAP and the native Blackberry email software. I want to be able to access the app as well. I want to be able to see my various tags (folders), be able to see my starred items, etc. I want my GMail!! The only option for me for now is going to a browser and using that. Remember folks, I am using a Blackberry Storm. No wifi. The browser is really not a viable option.

I have searched for it online. I cannot find it. It could be because I am not using the correct search terms. I have checked the Crackberry forums, but again, I am so old I am using a Storm and I could be screwing up the search terms there too.

Does anyone know where and how I can download the app to my Storm 9530 and get around Google's lack of support?
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Someone here attaches a file.

I didn't try to load it up, but sounds like it worked for some folks.

I expect you'll have to use the Desktop Software to load the application manually, since Google isn't hosting the JAD.
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Best answer: And other here

The search term you're looking for is 'gmail alx' . . . Hopefully one of the versions that people have cached work for you.
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Have you considered using imap/pop3 with an existing email client? Also, have you considered upgrading to a newer blackberry model? This could be your cue.
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And sorry for not reading that you have already set up imap until after previewing and after submitting.
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Response by poster: Thank you Chris Manley. I am going to try the 2nd one first (zip file from Lithuania makes me a little jittery.). Just need to figure out how to do it.
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Response by poster: Got it installed! Thank you. Now trying to find an older version than 2.0.6.
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