Seeking help in finding a book about the lurid lives of Hollywood's biggest stars.
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When I was about 15, I remember coming across a book in a now defunct Borders that was pretty interesting. The whole premise was that it featured stories about Hollywood stars and their various sexual liaisons, their sexual quirks, and even the ages at which they lost their virginity. For example, In one of the pages on the actor Dustin Hoffman it recounted the story of the actor tricking his brother's girlfriend into having sex with him and thereby relieving him of his virginity. In another article on Clark Gable, it was revealed that he suffered from smegma and that his wife once quipped that an "inch less and he'd be the queen of Hollywood." Anyway, does anybody where I can find this book. The only title I seem to remember for it--and I am not sure if it's even correct or not--was something like "Did He or Didn't He: Stories of Hollywood's Most Notorious Sex Secrets"
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Sounds like Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon, to me.
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Was it Hollywood Babylon? As a former bookstore inventory guy, I recall this book had a huge and consistent "underground" following.
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I'd also wager on the Anger book and offer You'll Never Make Love In This Town Again as a backup suggestion.
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Hollywood Is A Four Letter Town. I read this when I was a teenager and enjoyed it. . .especially the part about Red Skelton projecting porn onto the side of a neighboring building.
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Best answer: Did He Or Didn't He?: The Intimate Sex Lives of 201 Famous Men by Mart Martin
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Well, if you remember an entry on Marilyn Monroe dealing with her shaving habits then you are probably thinking of Intimate Sex Lives of Famous People
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Response by poster: Thanks. It was Did He or Didn't He. After I posted the question, I went to amazon to look it up and found the book in question. Odd that that particular book escaped my search queries before. Either way, thanks guys.
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Glad that got cleared up --- I was just about to post that it definately ISN'T Hollywood Babylon! (A fun book, but more about general scandals than specific sex lives.)
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