A San Fran plan for my man
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Looking for a fun hotel to stay at in San Francisco, and your recommendations for where to go for a romantic dinner...

What would you recommend for a hotel room? Looking to spend no more than $200-225 per night.

What would you recommend for a restaurant, where a couple could have a quiet, romantic and memorable meal? Due to dietary issues, we are generally limited to non-gluten-based foods like sushi, Thai and Mexican (or restaurants that cater to dietary restrictions).

If you have tips on must-do items in San Fran, I would be grateful for your input. Thanks!
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In San Francisco, I like the Triton and depending on when you're there some room should fit into that price point.
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Yeah when you said fun, I thought of Triton as well. I stayed there last fall and was within walking distance to a sushi place I enjoyed very much and a fantastic vegetarian place as well. I tried searching for the sushi place name and there are just so many highly rated ones in that area I couldn't figure out which I had gone to.
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Came here to recommend the Triton. Really great hotel. Funky decor, friendly staff.
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At your price point, you should have no problem, but beware that rooms in SF hotels are small, even at a chain like the Hyatt.

I stayed at what used to be called The Crescent and is now the "Mystic" in Union Square last year and loved it. If you like unique boutique hotels and don't need a lot of amenities like room service, the location is fantastic and it's really cool and romantic: http://www.fodors.com/news/story_5344.html

The bar inside the hotel, the Burritt Room is also really lovely, but expensive.

For food... in downtown, there is upscale Mexican restaurant Colibri (http://www.yelp.com/biz/colibri-mexican-bistro-san-francisco); fancy upscale vegan place that is very romantic and will definitely cater to special diets Millenium (http://www.millenniumrestaurant.com/menus/entrees.html) and TONS of Thai and sushi. There is a great gluten-free goods stand in the Ferry Building you should check out.
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I was going to suggest the Inn Above Tide for romance, but I’m not sure if you can get it for the budget.
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If you're into hotels more on the eclectic side with charm, you could try out Hotel Bohème in North Beach. I loved it when I stayed there for the cozy and quirky room (and very clean), the great staff, and the general non-modern-boutique-hotel-ness of it. Also, good rates.

Millenium is great for a special meal, and they'll work around your dietary restrictions.
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On my phone so I can't link to them, but I stayed at Hotel Tomo in Japantown (on the corner of Sutter and Buchanan, I think) for several weeks last Fall and adored it. The place is spotlessly clean and the staff are lovely and very kind. The room was a nice size for a San Francisco hotel room. I believe I paid something around 120 per night? Maybe a bit more or less, I can't recall exactly, but very reasonable I felt. The location was great for me because it was a nice walking neighbourhood that was convenient to several major bus routes, both the cross town routes and the ones taking you right downtown. Also there were a ton of really nice restaurants on Fillmore, only a couple of blocks away.
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We stayed at the Triton. It was a bit pricey, but central to some of what we wanted to do, so we figured what-the-hey. The valet damaged our car, so I'd consider BART or taxi, or alternative parking options if we go there again by car. We biked across the Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito (the Inn Above Tide is right next to the ferry point, and it definitely looked a romantic spot) and from there to Muir Woods and Tiburon for the ferry ride back. Thanks for all your advice, everyone.
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