Protecting Powerbook Finish
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Protecting Powerbook finish (paint). I recently purchased a Powerbook, and am somewhat dismayed at how easily the outside scratches, despite my attempts to protect it Powerbook even while I use it.

I carry it around inside a soft cloth bag inside my messenger bag). I've searched in vane on the Web for ideas to protect the finish from scratching. Any ideas? What I think I'm looking for is something that is left on the
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I had the same questions about my ibook, as it scratches somewhat easily. I resigned myself to having a few blemishes, since I think an imperfect ibook isn't really a big deal. It seems like Apple's stuff looks great, but the finish isn't exactly durable.
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Best answer: Marware SportFolio sleeves are what I use to transport my Powerbook, Protouch to protect my keyboard, and iKlear to scrub my laptop, followed by a soft, water-filled paper towel to finish the job. The iKlear is great for getting out stains on the LCD screen, but streaks like crazy. Soft water leaves a perfect screen.

And yes, aluminum is an extremely soft metal, so extra care should be taken when using the PB. Something you learn early about PBs is that they're really pretty, but delicate as all hell. If Dell or Sony made a laptop as aesthetically pleasing at the PB, I never would have switched.
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I also use the Marware sleeve, and I use the Radtech Screensavrz to protect my keyboard. It's handy as wipe for the screen and case also---microfiber goodness. But yeah, the PB is pretty damn unforgiving. I hope the new version has a more rugged case.
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If I could do it again, I'd find something to clean where below the keyboard to avoid problems like this.
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That's pitting from the oils of your skin and such. Not much you can do about that except put an ugly protector thingy on that area all the time.
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