Help! I lost most of my Chrome bookmarks
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Help! I deleted most of my Chrome bookmarks (imported from Firefox, a few months ago, but edited quite a bit) when I was trying to rename that Folder. Is it possible to recover? Some will be in history, but what a job. I had resorted to a google search for how to edit bookmark folders, and found something awkward using left click (actually control-click on the Mac), and thought I was deleting a character , and boom, whole folder gone. I'm on an Imac running OS 10.5.8, if that is relevant.
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If you haven't emptied the Trash yet, it should still be in there.
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Response by poster: Well, I haven't emptied the Trash, so i was delighted to see your response. But I can't find either the folder or an unimportant bookmark that I deleted for a test. What "kind" of file would a bookmark or a bookmark folder be? Not HTML, apparently.

I won't empty the trash, though. I probably should empty it more often than I do.

I don't see any trash icon in the bookmarks manager, though.
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Best answer: Did you delete it from within Chrome? Or you deleted a file using Finder?

If you deleted from within Chrome, you should have a backup stored in /Users/[your username]/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/ called "Bookmarks.bak". You can copy that to "Bookmarks" in the same folder (I'd make a backup of your current Bookmarks file first though, by copying it to something like "Bookmarks.mybackup").

If you deleted a file using Finder, then you're looking for a file just called "Bookmarks" in your Trash.
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Response by poster: I had deleted from within Chrome, and
Yes, it's there., in Application Support etc. Thank you so much.

I guess I'll have to backup bookmarks before I try that task of editing folder names again. I will practice on folders I don't care about. Thank You so much.
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Response by poster: cuetip had the best answer, but because of the Mac Trojan Flashback I am setting exceptions to run Javascript, and haven't figured them all out for Mefi, so I can't mark it as best. Thanks, cuetip, sorry about that.
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Do you still have the original Firefox bookmarks?
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Response by poster: Yes, I do have the original Firefox bookmarks, that was the first thing I thought of, but they are several months out of date, so I am very glad I was able to find the bookmarks.bak file.
What a relief!
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