Help us help kids play soccer (futbol!)
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Best way to get a package to Belize (Dangriga/Hopkins) inexpensively? We want to help out the village futbol (soccer) team, but all the options look to break the bank...

So, my boys put together all their old soccer equipment; decent condition cleats, balls, bags, shirts, and even trophies. The wife and I traveled to Hopkins Village last year and met the local kids and the village's soccer team. Since our kids are very into soccer, we thought sending them a package with enough balls for each player and some extras would be a great charitable thing for our sons to do, and they jumped to it.

Trouble is, the 35 lb package is going to cost upwards of $500 to ship. At that point, I might as well just send them a check. Which is impersonal and not the point, anyway. Can you help me get two packages to Belize for under/around $200? (one 35lb and one 15lb package, not oversized; 21x18x16 and 33x7x7 inches)
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I go to BZE every year and it's a big issue. I actually go down now with a giant suitcase filled with stuff for my local friends there to get around the terrible postal issues. To make matters worse, once your package gets there, the recipient is often asked to pay unforeseen fees upon pickup and they sure can't afford them. I've thought of contacting a small freight carrier or one of the missionary groups to see if they can offer ideas. Good luck, I'll be checking this thread.
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When my sister used to work for an airline, they would do a yearly trip down to Guatemala to bring books/gifts/supplies to a few orphanages there. The airline would cover the cost of baggage.

Maybe you can find something like that, or a different charity organization to piggy back on?
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