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Help me find an article I only vaguely recall. It involves sailing and unrealistic expectations of travel.

My google-fu has failed, and my recall is suspect. I think it was roughly magazine feature length. I remember it being about people who save up their money, buy a sailboat, think they will sail off into the sunset, find that they are bored and frustrated after a month, sell the boat, and go back home. It then talked about the mental state you need for that sort of lifestyle and our expectations of entertainment in this culture. I think.

For some reason I can't shake that it was written by DFW, but all my googling with his name brings up the article he wrote about taking a cruise, and that isn't it.
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Best answer: This maybe? Cruising Blues and Their Cure by Robert Pirsig, Esquire, May 1977
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Response by poster: Yep, that's it! Thank you. Pirsig -> DFW is an interesting leap...
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As you allude to, David Foster Wallace wrote A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again, about cruise ships and the yahoos that like cruises. Most of the rest of your description applies, though.
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