Sailing from Adelaide to Hobart as a passenger
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I would like to travel by sea as a passenger from Adelaide to Hobart in November, and then return to Adelaide in the same manner after a week. Is this doable? What are my options?

Are there any commercial services that offer this passage? Should I consult with a travel agent? Or do I need to make contact with someone in the shipping industry?

What kind of costs can I expect?
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There is a 10-hour-ish passenger ferry, the Spirit of Tasmania, which travels between Melbourne and Devonport. This isn't quite right, but maybe you could make it work for you? I have taken this ferry from Devonport to Melbourne (I flew the other way) and it was a really great experience.

We travelled in April, when the ferry only runs at night, and we found that after dark the outdoor decks were basically deserted. It was cold, but beautiful.
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I'm pretty sure there isn't any ferry from the mainland to Hobart - much less from Adelaide. The Spirit of Tasmania is as close as you're likely to get.
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You could take a cruise ship, but you're still going to go via Melbourne.
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Best answer: Agreed- nothing for tourists goes to Hobart and def not from Adelaide. I can't see thus being much of a commercial route, either- those are both small cities and there are obvious overland routes that make more sense, esp from south to north of tassie.
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