What can I do with overripe bananas while observing Passover?
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What can I do with overripe bananas while observing Passover?

So I have a bunch of overripe bananas -- 7, to be exact. (The banana monsters around here really let me down this time.) Usually I would make banana bread. But it's Passover.

Do you have a rad Passover banana muffin/bread/cake recipe? Or a recipe for bananas that doesn't involve wheat flour? (Maybe a gluten-free banana bread?) If it involves only a small amount of wheat flour, I can substitute matzoh cake flour, but I generally find that once you get beyond a few tablespoons of that, it all tastes like matzoh.

We do eat corn, rice, soy. Just no barley/oats/spelt/rye/wheat.
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Peel and freeze the bananas? You can make a banana frozen custard, or just save them in the freezer for post passover.
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Yep freeze them for later, but we just toss them into the freezer with skins on.
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Peel, cut up and freeze.
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Freeze them. Or put them in a blender with yogurt and other fruit for a smoothie.
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If you peel them and pop them in the freezer, tonight or tomorrow night you can put them (whole or in chunks -- make the decision based on the amount of faith you have in your food processor) in your food processor and they'll turn into an approximation of soft serve. This recipe swept the vegan world and inspired a lot of "OMG this is BETTER THAN ICE CREAM". It's good. It's not ice cream. But it's a tasty cold treat that you and your monsters might enjoy. I like to drizzle some nut butter or chocolate syrup on top before I tuck into it.
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How about a banana rice pudding? If you don't sweeten it too much, it could even be breakfast.
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I do this with stale bread, but I bet it'd be wonderful with matzoh crackers:

Mush bananas, chuck in an egg, some crunched up matzoh, brown sugar, cinnamon, dots of butter, and a splash of vanilla. Cover with more brown sugar, pop into the oven that's been heated up to around 350F (180C), and cook it for around 15 minutes (or if you have an oven that takes awhile to cool down, turn off the oven and just leave it for an hour).

Then eat. Nom nom nom.
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Banana matzo brei might be delicious, if you are willing to experiment.
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In fact, Katemonkey has just described a baked version.
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Break them into pieces, freeze them in a plastic bag and then blitz them in a food processor. At first they go sort of grainy, but keep on and they turn into banana ice cream, just like soft-serve ice cream.
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Banana smoothie. Toss two or three bananas in a blender with a can of evaporated milk, two tablespoons of sugar, and a teaspoon of vanilla. Blend, then chill the resulting mixture.
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Wrap one (peeled) banana per person in foil and chuck in a piece of butter, some honey if you like it sweet, and some rum if you're that way inclined. Bake it in the oven for a while. If you can't be bothered, you can even microwave it instead, although obviously not in foil.

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Dip banana slices in a cornstarch batter and deep fry them. Serve with ice cream and/or a dusting of powdered sugar.
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Goreng pisang.

This is an exceptionally easy recipe for Kenyan Banana Chutney. The addition of curry powder to the chutney mixture points to the Indian influence in Kenyan food. It can be served as an accompaniment to a burger, on a sandwich or with a curry.

Kenyan Banana Chutney

* 6 large bananas, peeled and sliced
* 500g finely chopped onion
* 1 finely chopped carrot
* 1 large tomato, skinned, seeded and finely chopped
* 125g dates
* 125g brown sugar
* 1 tsp curry powder
* 1/2 tsp salt
* 400 ml vinegar ( the Kenyans use malt vinegar)
* 1 tbsp finely chopped fresh ginger
* 1 tbsp dessicated coconut

1. Put all the ingredients into a large saucepan and mix well.
2. Bring to boil and simmer gently until all the ingredients are soft and mushy.
3. It can be bottled at this point, but, for a smoother consistency, put it through a sieve, reboil and then bottle
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infini--how long does the chutney last? I have some over-ripe bananas that I know, despite my best intentions, are never going to be made into banana bread. This recipe might save them from the compost heap!
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I don't know about this specific one, but having seen my mother make and keep a similar one (with more dates and no banana) in the fridge for what seems like forever, I assume, it will last till finished, like any preserved fruit or compote. Only thing would be to not put wet spoons in the jar to prevent fungus.
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