What was this weird YA novel about alternate realities?
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Name that YA novel: a prince whose people live in a dream world and shun reality meets a princess who can make stuff from HER dreams come true in real life, and they go on some sort of adventure.

All I really remember from this book is the premise, which is that there were two kind of stereotypical fantasy-type kingdoms. In one, the inhabitants all have the power to live inside their minds and interact with each other in this communal fantasy world, so they all 'live' in palaces but in reality they spend all day lying on the ground amid ruins. There's a prince from that kingdom who refuses to do any of that, and just lives in the ruins. In the other kingdom, they have the power to make things in their minds real, and they mostly keep it extremely well-regulated, but there's a princess who either can't or won't control her powers and makes things like massive storms or, like, elephant rampages happen. The prince is kind of shy and the princess is headstrong.

All I remember beyond that is that they meet, somehow go to a strange land together where ~all is not as it seems~, and have an adventure. I think the prince dies at some point and is later revived, and he describes death as basically being like he's a brain floating in grey nothingness. But that's about all I remember.

I would have read this book at least 10 or 12 years ago. Please help me out here because this has been driving me nuts today.
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This sounds like Of Two Minds!
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Ahh yes that's it! I looked it up and I recognize the cover. Thank you! I must have read that book five times...
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