Movie precursor to Hunger Games?
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Looking for a movie title: some years ago, an indie film, basic idea that the government is running a televised competition (much like Survivor), except to the death.

This was years before the first "Hunger Games" book was published, but after the tv show Survivor started. As I remember, people were selected at random to fight each other while being filmed. Just ordinary people, but I clearly remember a scene where several of the contestants look at each other, and then toward the camera, and the camera swings crazily and falls to the ground.

It wasn't a very good movie, but I'd like to find out something about it -- the name at least -- to share with my teenage friends who are on their 3rd viewing of Hunger Games.
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Battle Royale?
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Best answer: Series 7? It's very much in the vein of Battle Royale/Hunger Games and it's a parody of reality TV
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Best answer: I came here to say Series 7 as well.
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Running Man
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Seconding Running Man.
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Best answer: Series 7. Stumbled across it a few years ago myself.
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In a similar vein, The Condemned. Not an indie film, but has the aspect of the contest being broadcast. I wouldn't recommend watching it, though.
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Response by poster: Series 7 is it! Thanks once again to the amazing hive mind.
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Also available on Netflix Instant!
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Also similar is The 10th Victim.
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Battle Royale, without a doubt.
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