Looking for machine to make stickers
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Can anyone suggest equipment to produce custom photographic quality *small-sized* (anywhere from 1/2" to 2") stickers with custom shapes?

We currently use an Impressa 3 which is a very nice all-in-one printer/cutter that prints out the stickers and cuts them out. The Impressa is now pretty old and obsoleted, so we're looking for something to replace it with. Everything we've looked at that would work involves multiple machines and steps (which we might still consider) or the print quality isn't good enough (the Impressa is a dye-sub printer and shows no grain). Any suggestions? We're looking to spend under $15-20k if possible.
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Have you considered a service? It may be out of the question, but you could check out Sticker Robot.

Otherwise, I'll ask my brother, who did this often in design school, if he has any answers.
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are you interested in, uh, selling this Impressa once you replace it?
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That Impressa thing looks, well, Impressive. I don't think you'll really be able to beat it. How is it obsoleted? Is there anyhing more you'd like it to do?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers. We're basically trying to *be* a service, so to speak, so no, we wouldn't want to use someone else. I'm not sure what we'll do with the Impressa once we find a replacement. We might keep it as a back up, but if we decide to sell it, I'll post something here.

The Impressa *is* pretty impressive, and since it's a dye-sub printer the print quality is excellent. It's obsoleted since the company that produced it will no longer make any more, or any parts, and from what I've heard, existing supplies will just last for a few more years. Our machine is starting to jam up fairly frequently (we've already sent it in for repairs a few times...just shipping alone is COSTLY) and we're starting to need something faster and more reliable.
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