Sticker Printers in California and Area
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Looking for recommendations for print shops in California (or close by) that can print full color stickers on a roll.

I need to have approx 15,000 stickers (1.5 inch diameter) printed. They will need to be on rolls for easy, assembly-line sticking onto books.

Would love to hear reco's from shops people have actually dealt with. I will be ordering from Canada, and they'll be shipped to a pick-and-pack facility in LA, so quality and trustability are more important than cost.
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Jeanne Finley at Button Divas does all of my roll printing and I've been very happy print quality.
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Check out Sticker Giant.
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Update: I went with Sticker Giant. The price was good and the stickers turned out perfect.

Dealing with Sticker Giant was a bit of a pain. I shipped some stickers to Shipwire and another box to me in Canada and asked specifically to let me know before they shipped. I wasn't told when they shipped which caused major headaches with shipwire. For the canadian shipment they put a value of $1,600 when the real value was $147 which caused a massive delay and I had to get them to fax a new commercial invoice to the border.
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