Printable labels without messy residue
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Labels I can print at work that won't leave residue?

I need to label a lot of our Macbooks. Anyone know of labels I can print on and place on the laptops that do not leave messy residue? I'm hoping to reuse the stickers so I can move "Laptop cart 1 - #25" to another laptop as necessary instead if reprinting all the time.

I've used the Avery 2140s in the past, but getting those off is a pain. We've ordered stickers in the past that don't leave residue, but I'm hoping to do this in-house to save on costs. Baring specific label/stickers, any tips & tricks for using a normal label without leaving the residue? I've tried using packing tape and put a label over that, but the packing tape ends up leaving residue over the course of a year, too.

I'm also open to working with shops who print stickers specifically for our purposes.
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My first thought was printable static cling decals. I've only bought already printed ones them, but they've always stayed on windows as long as I wanted and come off without event when I took them off, and I'd imagine they'd adhere well to Macbooks. This is the result of a quick google search and not a specific product endorsement, but is the sort of thing I mean.
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Best answer: Removable.

Fluorescent Removable.
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If you're often doing one-off label prints then I cannot suggest a dedicated label printer highly enough. I love my Dymo. The place I got it from sells supplies as well and several are listed as removable.
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Response by poster: We have a label maker like the Dymo, but the problem is they're simply not sticky enough. The laptops are being taken in and out of carts multiple times daily. The labels from our label maker all came off within a month. The the mailing Avery labels all stayed on for the year, but I spent a long time with a bottle of goo-gone getting them off.

The Removable link from job1270 looks exactly what I'm looking for. Will have to look in to them!
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Removable labels are going to, by nature, be more easily removable. Whether you mean them to or not.

Maybe what you really need are plastic sleeve kind of things you can stick to the laptop. If you can slip different cards in and our easily then it'll be less of a problem if the adhesive doesn't come off easily - you only care when you take the laptop out of service and don't want the little clear sleeve on their anymore.

Do it that way and you can make laminated cards for the laptop id/numbers since you'll be able to re-use them.
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Can you print on vinyl cling material?
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