Family fun in Barcelona?
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Looking for a family friendly resort within a few hours of Barcelona

We want to spend a few days in the sea and sun in late June. We will have a nine year old and a one point five year old. We plan to fly in and out of Barcelona so we would like to be fairly close. A nice hotel in Barcelona would be a nice bonus as would any nice day trips.
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You probably want something in the Costa Brava. Just north of Barcelona. Gorgeous and somewhat touristy--but in your case, with small children, that's probably a good thing. You'll probably encounter a lot of British vacationers. I'm afraid I don't have a specific resort to recommend, though.
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Oropesa del Mar is in Valencia province - about 2.5 hours drive from Barcelona. Trains are pretty good. Beautiful, fifties feel to the place. Gorgeous beaches. Fantastic seafood. It's been twenty years since I was last there and I still dream about the place...
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Port Aventura? (not a personal recommendation as I've never been; I just know it exists)
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We stay at San Pol (Sant Pau) which is less touristy than many places along the train route north of Barcelona. It has the added bonus of an excellent Michelin 5 star restaurant.
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