Need the name of a fashion label with a picture of a running dog?
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Looking for a fashion label with a picture of a running dog (or similar looking animal) in it's logo - not Puma.

My stepmom sent me an email and asked me if I remembered such a logo, as she saw it on a handbag she quite fancied.
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Longchamp? It's actually a running racehorse but I could see how it looks like a dog and I definitely think they are a bit of a designer "mom bag".
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Longchamp's my bet too. Their totes are pretty ubiquitous right now.
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Rocket Dog?
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I was going to guess Rocket Dog too.
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Radley handbags have a dog as their logo, and apparently are quite popular with the designer mums
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John Bartlett and his three-legged dog Tim :)
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Also The Black Dog
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This previous question may be useful.
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Slazenger has very similar logo to the Puma one - but more like a dog running. Not really a fashion label, but they do accessories like bags.
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So I sent my stepmom to Brands of the World to browse in the fashion logos section, and she found the label - Bimba & Lola.

Thanks for your answers :)
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