Hit me with your ideas for a staff day/event for a company with 3000 employees in US and Europe
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Hit me with your ideas for a staff day/event for a company with 3000 employees in US and Europe

I'm looking for something that a company's employees across offices in Europe and the US can do or experience for a “staff day”. It would be engaging and memorable and could either take place over just the lunch break or the whole day (if it does not interrupt work too much). Timezone synchronisation could be difficult, so don't get hung up on it. Language is a consideration as its English and French speakers. Also, it's office work and everyone has a desk/pc - unfortunately no off-site events as the logistics would be too tricky. Budget? Nothing too extravagant please....

For an idea of what I'm looking for, I heard that a large group set up a company radio station (streaming) across its global offices for one day. The CEO read the news, various staff members discussed topics, different offices talked about their clients and offices and what life in their country/city was like. There was even a staff song....

As in the title, hit me with your ideas please...
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Global scavenger hunt? International teams would have to work together to complete some of the items - a phone-cam pic of some local landmark in both areas, taken within 5 minutes of each other, things like that.
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How much time do you have to organize this?

My former employer put together a talent show for the local staff at our headquarters. It was lots of fun. You can apply the idea globally by streaming live videos of performances and saving recordings of individual performances for later viewing.

These are the sorts of acts people did:

played instruments
did short skits
sang parody songs about the company based on well-known pop hits

Some performances were just done by individuals, some were a team effort.

In your company's case, I can imagine trans-continental collaboration.

Lots of entertaining possibilities!
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You could do something like Improv Everywhere's mp3 Experiment-- make a recording that gives your staff a list of fun things to do, and have everyone listen to it together.
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