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Looking for a Boggle-style iOs game with a specific daily game mode!

I had a neat little Boggle clone on my iPhone, but it appears to be gone now. I'm pretty sure it was called Wordabble, but the game in the App Store with that name is not it. So I guess it's kaput, but I would love to find a game with a similar mode.

Everyday you would get a 5X5 letter grid, and unlike most Boggle clones you could work on it all day, and at the end of the day submit your score and see how you stacked up against others.

I'm open to other well made games of this type, but really I'm just looking for a game with this mode, I loved being able to come back to it throughout the day and plug away at it. Do you know any games with this feature?
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I've been a fan of Babble for a while. There's no app... it's online only, but it is a daily puzzle format.
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I don't know, but now I want this app, too.
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Response by poster: kimdog! That is exactly what I'm talking about! Would still love an app though if anyone knows of one.
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I can't answer the question, but I can confirm that your original app was likely Wordabble, and it definitely doesn't seem to be available at present (though there's a markedly different game with a similar name, Wordable, which comes up when I search the UK store).

There's a Wordabble website, which includes current daily game high scores. You could try filling in the contact form and asking the developers what's happened to the game; the website even still includes a "Purchase" link (which goes to iTunes, where I get a "could not be found"-type message), so perhaps it's only temporarily unavailable.
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