This Bachelor Party needs some finishing touches!
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Please help me plan for a bachelor party, in a city I've never been in. Which is happening in 48 hours.

I'm the best man in a wedding this weekend (hooray!) in Ventura, CA. Most of the bachelor party has been figured out. But not all of it. I need two things for this bachelor party (happening Friday, as in two days from now) to be successful. To wit:

1) I need to find an arcade in or around Ventura to hang out in. The best one. What does best mean? Not awful. Not smelly. Not we-don't-have-any-games-made-after-1990. Having a cabinet of Mario Kart GP would be an incredible plus.

2) I need a hookah. Preferably a rented one. That is nice. Or maybe a hookah bar in the area that's cool with whites and Asians. But renting it would be better. It would be really nice if there were a hookah at this party, because the groom really likes smoking hookah (let's be honest; everyone likes smoking hookah). We would also need to buy tobacco for this hookah.

Help me AskMe, you're my only hope. No, for reals. Please help. I need you. Thanks in advance!
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Are you set on Ventura, or are Santa Barbara/Ojai/Oxnard/Santa Monica and other locations options?
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Response by poster: How far away are these other places? It needs to be within a half hour of "Ventura", whatever that means to most people. We have places to go and things to BBQ, so travel has to be pretty tight.
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