I am a man with a very specific set of skills...
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Reverse-headhunters. Does such a thing exist? I want to pay a company to find me a new job.

That about sums it up. I am extremely qualified in my 2 primary fields, have a very specific (but kind of weird) work history and experience set, and finding a job hasn't ever been entirely difficult---I just don't have TIME!

Is there an agency you can hire (contingent would be best, but whatever) and tell them "I'll live HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE" and "here is my resume" and they get busy finding you a job?
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Yep. They certainly do exist. But a lot of them are pretty angular and only serve a single industry. Without knowing what you're looking for, it's hard to make a recommendation.
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Yeah, what industry are you in? I know a couple in the publishing industry.
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I want to pay a company to find me a new job.

This is exactly what headhunters do. But they like to call themselves "executive search firms."
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Response by poster: Haha. Thanks everyone. I got involved around the house and just now had a chance to check back.

I'm primarily a non-profit-management kind of person, but also an IT-Helpdesk/Repair kind of person.

Complicating factor: I am a felon. Mitigating factor: It was when I was 18, and now I'm 32, and haven't had so much as a traffic ticket in the interim. No drugs, no violence, I have and do work with children and the elderly.
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I might take another tack - can you work to have the felony expunged?
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I ask because I'm assuming it's been a hinderance in successfully finding a job.
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Response by poster: This is WV, and as far as I can tell (and I've spent hours upon hours looking), there is no such thing as expungement in this state, only Gubernatorial pardons, and yeah right. I personally know about 15 delegates (I work with them regularly through work), but I can't imagine any of them taking the "risk" of supporting such a thing.

It hasn't been a hindrance in finding A job, it's been a hindrance in finding a really GOOD job. I can find jobs all day long for $20-30k, but I need to break out of that mold.
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Response by poster: Ironmouth, that company appears to only work with people who are currently making over $100k. I lol'd right before I threw up in my throat a little.
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I tried searching online for outsource jobhunting and here are a few hits:

How to Outsource your Job Search
Don't Outsource your Job Search
The Unemployed Worker's New Friend: Outsourcers
Why Outsourcing your Job Makes Sense

The 1st link has some sites you can try.
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