How Much Should I be paid for Web Content And Marketing Gig?
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What should I be paid? My job is essentially a combination of marketing and web content creation. I write blog and page content for the website of a retail company. My writing requires an in-depth and technical knowledge about the general field as well as an intimate knowledge about how to convey this information in an attractive way to the consumer base. I constantly update my own knowledge in order to provide this content. I write consumer friendly technical info for the individual products as well as more elaborate landing pages to bring google ad traffic to. I add in-depth daily blog posts. I am also expected to manage the email marketing and as well as the online Google ads. Since I have begun this work, the readership and web sales have shot up and I expect it to continue to climb.

What is this type of work called? What is an estimation of my expected hourly pay, both by contract, and freelance?

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Not sure where you're based. Here in southern Colorado, I have a friend who does similar work including SEO/strategy for maybe 40-50K/year as a contractor, perhaps 28-35 hours a week. She has a master's degree and about 17 years of experience. Her title is Content Manager.

From your profile, it looks like you're really not feeling your current position for several reasons. I hope you're entertaining/exploring other offers. Change is good. Change is good. Change is good.
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Thanks. Yes, change. I'm thinking about it sometimes.
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Most of the first half of your description is that of a Technical Writer. Most of the second half would be Content Manager or Social Media [Analyst|Manager|etc].

You can likely pick one direction or the other and a plausible salary for it via glassdoor. Best of luck!
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Your job is pretty close to some I've had. I'd call you something like a Web Content or Web Marketing Specialist. I'd say 40-50k a year, depending on where you live and whether you shade more towards the writing or the marketing stuff. Just to give you some advice, really dig into the analytics, google ads, email marketing, and all that stuff if you want to move more towards the marketing side. Right now, that stuff is gold.
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Online Content Manager
Online Marketing Manager
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Ive read your other questions and i think you either need to quit and freelance. They will never pay you what you deserve because you are not family.
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I have a similar job and make just under £30k (in the UK). I agree that $40k-$50k in the US sounds about right.
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We call this person at work the Digital Content Manager and I suspect they get paid about 50-60 thousand Australian dollars- Which is about 50-60 thousand US dollars.
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You could also be a Content Strategist and pull in bigger bucks. Content Strategists for large agencies or organizations can make six figures in a city like NYC or Chicago.
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Content Strategist...I think I fit there. Probably not for a large agency. With my current work I consider strategic impact for postings and editorial style as well as the ads. Interesting...I wonder what the pay is for a more medium size company and I wonder what the possibility is for working from home.
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