The Little Red Bumps Are Firmly In Control
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Does anybody know of a cheap, effective way of treating Folliculitis?

I've had little red bumps all over my thighs for a few months now, and I think that Folliculitis brought on by bad razors is the most likely culprit. No amount of moisturizer has helped, though I've been putting Neosporin on my legs for about a week and the bumps have diminished in both in size and coverage.

Frankly, I can't afford to see a dermatologist who could confirm my self-diagnosis and prescribe a treatment. So, has anybody had a similar problem, and luck with something that didn't need to be prescribed?
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Are you sure it's not Keratosis Pilaris? I have that on my upper arms and find that using shower gloves and a medicated body wash smooths it away.
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Hydrocortisone may help. I also change my razor blade every time I shave my legs, as recommended by my doctor.
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For years I had a folliculitis-like condition that nothing seemed to help. Then I tried a coal tar-based psoriasis ointment (Psoriasin) that cleared it right up. So you could try that.
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I struggled with this for about half a year once and felt like it would never go away. What resolved it was using anti-bacterial soap in the shower, and shaving with a new razor every week. It cleared up within a couple of weeks and I haven't had a reoccurrence since and no longer user the anti-bac soap, but still religiously buy sharp good quality razors and throw them away after two uses. Also make sure you're taking showers instead of baths, and dry off before you get dressed.
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I was going to say what sevenyearlurk said - try washing with Neutrogena T-Gel, or, even head and shoulders. For some reason, when I use those, I see fewer issues in areas other than my head.
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Try Amalactin. The lactic acid helps....
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Walgreen's brand anti-bacterial soap, 99 cents, cleared up my back folliculitis.
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I haven't tried it yet, so this isn't exactly an endorsement, but Bump Stopper was recommended to me for what sounds like a similar frustration.
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While showering, use salicylic acid body wash and mechanically exfoliating (gently). Afterwards, try something like Amlactin.
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My dermatologist had me get this, which has mostly helped (if I use it regularly).
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