Gimme my cute tuckus and rosy cheeks back.
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I have two problems: poor circulation and slowly advancing secretary spread. Which exercises and/or sports will help me tackle both?

I am determined to make 2012 the year I reverse my poor circulation and re-acquire the perky buttocks of my youth. Alas, I am not very versed in physical fitness and I don't know what to do to attain these two goals. Are there any specific exercises that will help both with blood flow and getting a toned butt?

I am in my mid-20s, relatively healthy, very thin, and am willing to try anything at this point. Exercises that target each issue separately are also welcome, particularly those having to do with improving circulation as I know that the usual remedy for a flat tuckus is squats.
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Riding a bike does both of these things for me.
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Running up hills or stairs.
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To elaborate a bit, riding a bike as transport gives me good circulation because although it's relatively low-grade exercise, I do it at least a twice a day. Training rides with lots of hill climbs have de-squishified my butt (less so as I get older, alas - genetics get their way eventually), but I only do those a few times a week.
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Squats and walking lunges will strengthen your legs/posterior. You can't spot reduce, though, so you need to add cardio, and adjust your diet too.
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Yoga would be great for your thin frame and will help with circulation issues.
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A step aerobics class could do wonders, if you can find such a thing any more.
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Stairmaster. All gyms have them, or you can pick one up on Craigslist. Don't get an off-brand, you won't use it.
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I am also going to suggest yoga. I have a not so thin frame, a squishy butt and I am in my late 20s. Since I've started doing yoga, my butt is noticeably less squishy, my circulation is better and generally I have less little aches and pain when waking up in the morning. Also, I have core muscles for the first time in my life.

Also, for me, finding a yoga studio with teachers who guide the class through the poses and motions, are always reminding the class of what muscles to engage and how to be in the poses has been super helpful. My strength has improved significantly in the last 6 months and I generally feel better about, well, everything.
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Any challenging, whole-body weight work, aerobic exercise, or yoga/pilates type thing will build these muscles. But you will never have the ass you had as a teenager. Exercise doesn't turn back time!
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Roller skating! especially dance skating.
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I should say roller skating for the butt. Not sure how great it is for circulation with the tight skates though.
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Any sort of cardio will help, although you should pay absolutely no attention to the "fat burn" or other "zones" on most gym-type exercise machines, as they will have you working out at such a low level that the cardiovascular benefits are questionable. Invest in a cheap heartrate monitoring band and watch and feel free to do whatever activities you enjoy that get your HR up to ~80% of your max for your age (220-age). Personally I like to do a lot of different things...stationary bike or treadmill when it's crummy outside, running, walking or biking outdoors when it's nice. Although they exercise different skeletal muscles, it's all the same to your heart and lungs.

The "cute tuckus" is probably more a function of diet than exercise, though, so be sure to give equal or greater attention to that side of the equation. Like abs, you have to have fairly low body fat if you want people to see those glutes you're working on. The only thing that exercise will do is slightly increase the number of calories you expend in a day, but if you're not watching what you eat, it's frighteningly easy (at least, IMO) to compensate for that in the kitchen -- you'll end up healthier, but your appearance may not change in the way you want it to.
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Response by poster: I have almost zero body fat, EXCEPT for in my butt and boobs. My ultimate dream is to just have a firm butt -- it's already the right roundness. No reduction necessary. It's just spreading and getting squishy. No bueno.

I will give all your suggestions a try, particularly yoga and some weight training. Thank you!
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Standing desk! Can you use a standing desk at work or at home? I haven't actually lost a lot of weight yet with the standing desk I assembled at work, but my butt has definitely gotten firmer!
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If you have a very skinny build, you probably won't be able to develop a firmer ass without putting on muscle all over your body. Make sure to work on the whole body, upper and lower muscle groups. Lunges, stair climbing, squats, box stepping, bicycle riding will all contribute to a more luscious posterior.
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