Do you know this tree-gliding 80s PC game?
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Help me identify an old 80s DOS PC game! It involves a tree-dwelling civilization and lots of gliding between platforms…

OK, so I only have a hazy memory of this from my childhood, but here are the things I can remember:

- it's sort of a fantasy-genre game, set in a tree-dwelling civilization. Much of the game mechanics involves gliding from one tree to another with these wings that everyone has
- like many of these early pc games, it's hard to categorize the game as a platformer or RPG or adventure or even action game. It's got elements of all of them. Most of the game entailed: gliding between platforms in the tree, talking to NPCs to unlock quests, collecting items and consumables, and unlocking hidden areas by gliding from specific (often secret), high-placed platforms.
- the game was monochrome (or maybe that was my monitor) and pixel based (i.e., the graphics weren't drawn with ASCII characters), but relatively low-res. Definitely earlier than Sierra's King's Quest series, for example.
- no sound, as far as I can remember

Any guesses, folks? I've already trawled through numerous abandonware websites to see if I could find the game (I would recognize it if I saw a screen-cap), but to no avail. Hope me, hivemind!
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Best answer: Below the Root

Blew my mind at the time.
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Response by poster: OMG YES. Thanks, 256. This is possibly the fastest AskMeFi resolution ever.
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Not even close, LMGM. And many more marvels.
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Response by poster: So, immediately after this question was resolved, I downloaded the game from an abandonware site and ran it on DosBox. Amazing.

I could actually see a re-make of this game, holding to roughly the same mechanics but with a more lush open-world setting (a la GTA or Assassin's Creed).
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Oh, this brings me back. And hey -- there's a piece on Daily Kos on it!
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