Pretty Plant Related Engagement Rings
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Looking for ideas for a nature inspired engagement ring.

Hey there,

come closer, closssser.

Can you keep a secret? I am about to propose my girlfriend and looking for cool, unique, "nature inspired" ring ideas.

We are both pretty hippie minimalists in heart. with trees, flowers and plants being a big hobby and passion.

Looking for something simple, with a leaf maybe, or anything else plant/earthy/nature related that you might recommend.

Thanks a bunch in advance!
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not sure if this is the right direction, but what about raw stones (all conflict free, sustainable)? if so, todd reed is the person to look for. very earthy feel (well, some of it - some is a little more bling than i personally go for) - and he's a geologist who loves rocks.
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Etsy has over 3000 rings that show up in a search for leaf ring. Might be a good place to start - you could narrow by price.
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Jessamyn posted about rings her friends had made a few years ago that I've always thought were awesome.
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Check out Alex Monroe jewelry. Perfect for what you're describing. :) good luck!
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Sundance has beautiful, unusual rings, ranging in price from under $100 to well over $1,000.
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I think that if you both loves trees and the environment, a wooden ring might be a nice idea. A friend of mine recently proposed with one, and it was beautiful and well-received. You neatly duck the ethical concerns of mining, and can choose sustainable woods or reclaimed hardwoods.

There are a number available on Etsy, and here's a site: Touch Wood Rings.
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Have you looked at rice pearl rings? They're really elegant.
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Oh, and here's the site my friend got his ring from: simplywoodrings.
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I also came in here to recommend a wooden ring, especially if you know she's anti-diamond. If you'd prefer to stick with metal and stone, here are a few options that pop up on Etsy (all of them are shown with white sapphires, I believe):
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the great suggestions! Keep em coming!
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How about a ring with faux bois/wood grain or bark pattern on it? Here's an example, and lots more to be found on Etsy.
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I've been admiring this delicate ring from jewelry designer Kate Szabone on Etsy--it's a gold vine wreath that frames a rose-cut Moissanite stone. Very one-of-a-kind and organic in its aesthetic.
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I'm not sure what your budget is, but Tom of Seven Fingers Jewelry does absolutely amazing work. He hand cuts the leaves and flowers out of a solid gold band using a tiny saw. He will make a completely custom ring using any design you want -- he had us send him dried oak leaves and he carved an oak leaf and acorn wedding band for us. We regularly get compliments on our wedding bands and they have held up beautifully for over a decade.
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Green Karat has quite a few nature-inspired rings (e.g., one shaped like a fig).
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I've recommended this before, but I do like Bario Neal--reclaimed precious metals, ethically sourced stones, and the designs are soft and organic without being too literally nature-inspired.
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If you like nature but want something which is a bit more abstract, Nervous System makes excellent jewelry by recreating natural processes through digital means.
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I love, love, love Turtle Love Co.
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Wexford Jewelers has a bunch of nature inspired designs.
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Our tungsten rings with a wooden inlay just arrived in the mail the other day, actually, from Rings By Johan. We haven't cheated and started wearing them yet, but they look and feel very nice (although both of us are men and have never worn jewelry,, so YMMV). Johan offers many different designs and materials, we had a hard time finally setting on one but so far we're happy with what we've got.
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Seconding Kate Szabone on Etsy. She just finished my engagement ring and it is amazing. There's a leaf motif and it is a natural sapphire (which she went out of her way to source for us). She's been super awesome and I can't recommend her enough.
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When mr. aria and I were looking for a ring, Etsy was a total bitch to navigate. There's so much crap mixed in with what's good.

We got my ring from Bandscapes--sterling silver, with a white sapphire, and it is even more beautiful in person. They're all about the natureyness, leaves and branches and whatnot.

(if you're curious, we went with this one, which I only found after I zeroed in on the "delicate leaf" ring. I was never planning on getting the matching band, though, which they didn't even have at the time--I'll be looking at a more traditional wedding band to wear on its own.)
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Mazel tov on your impending engagement! I'm having a ring made by George at Postgate Jewelers. I found him on Etsy. He has a few rings that would meet your criteria: flower band w/ sapphires, a diamond oakleaf band, a woodland vine band, another flower band.
He has been extremely patient and helpful in our correspondence. He loves doing custom work so just ask!
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Patrick Irla (Etsy) casts leaves and flowers to make beautiful jewelry - personally, I love this one - beautiful, delicate and very nature inspired.
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I had a custom jobbie done via Etsy; as far as I know the jewler has taken a hiatus though. It doesn't quite fit your "simple" requirement, but is nature-ey.
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I purchased a ring from FernWorks before (awesome lady in Portland) - and they are beautiful and neat and just all around awesome.
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