What is the origin of the Brazilian laser swoosh sound?
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What is the origin of the "golazo de brasil" sound that is played on Brazilian TV when the national football team scores a goal? (Also used in Formula One when a Brazilian wins a race, and really any sporting context where Brazil succeeds at something).

Audio here. The jingle is not always played; the main part is the "laser swoosh" effect followed by "BRASIL!". It's been in use for at least 20 years so I'm wondering things like who created it, why, and how has it remained in use for so long.
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It`s a sound effect from TV Globo, being used since at least 1978 (2nd goal)

Who created it: dunno
Why: government propaganda, to drum up popular support for BRASIL! through soccer + TV. The govt was a military dictatorship at the time
Why it has remained: catchy, lost political meaning, everyone loves it
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Dug further, found out more!

It actually comes from RĂ¡dio Globo and was recorded by a sportscaster named Edmo Zarife during the qualification rounds for the 1970 World Cup. Later, it migrated to TV as a sound effect.
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If you understand Portuguese, here's Edmo telling the story himself
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