What's that flash game?
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Help my wife and I remember this (likely flash) game. Blue backgrounds progressively transitioning to black, horizontal scrolling and snowfall may have been involved.

It's not flow. We went through the games at Orisinal and it's not there. It's not Blueberry Garden. However, it's most likely an artsy game that would be enjoyed by people who like those.

-Flash game or something else that could be shared via a link.
-She remembers a lot of blue, and said that the blue becomes darker and darker until it's black or nearly black.
-She thinks it was not a combat game but doesn't remember what the actual gameplay was like. She does remember moving the character around.
-She thinks I showed it to her in 2010 or maybe early 2011, but that doesn't mean it was created then.
-If there is snowfall in the game, she thinks it might have snowed harder and harder as the game went on -- but she's not sure there was snow.

Any ideas? Feel free to ask follow-up questions of us.
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Was it Drifts? I loved that game after loving fl0w forever, so...

I also hunted deep in my email for like 10 minutes and used some very impressive sleuthing to find it, so I hope this is it!
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It's not either of those games. And yes, this has taken us a terribly long time to research as most of the candidates I've brought up are just too compelling to merely glance at.
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Is it Fathom? There's no snow, but it does have the slow fade to black over the course of the game.
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Also, make sure you play it a bit before saying it's not. Despite initial looks, the majority of the game has the blue to black transition you describe.
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was it fly guy?
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Neither of those.
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It wasn't that. All of these suggestions are really cool games on their own, by the way.
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My wife is now claiming she mixed in her mind features of Winterbells (thanks la morte), A Dog For All Seasons and some snowflake creator she was using. I'm disappointed the game doesn't exist but happy to consider it resolved. Thanks, everyone.
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