Resumé skills for a social science/liberal arts major?
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Resumé skills for a social science/liberal arts major?

What are some skills that the non-technical liberal arts crowd (English, geography, history, economics, philosophy, etc.) can list on their resumé?
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Depends on what you're applying for.
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Writing, editing, analytic thinking are a few.

What jobs are you applying for, why do you feel like you are a strong applicant for them? It would help if you were a little more specific.
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I would echo the above two posts by saying that you should always tailor your resumé and especially your cover letter to a job posting, organization/company or at the very least, the general type of position you're hoping to get.

I like to list out what an employer explicitly is asking for, and then match that with my own knowledge and experience.... the more specific the better.

Generally, employers seem to value experience, that is, learned skills that have been put to test in the real world. But, being a student is not only about learning from books, you also had the experience of being a student. For e.g., they might ask for workshop leadership experience, and you don't have that exactly, but you have made many oral presentations

Also, don't leave out anything.... this includes volunteer work, internships, extra-curricular, as well as interests. Yes, playing softball might go at the bottom in a section called "Interests", but if you organized a softball league, that might be something to put in your cover letter, or maybe even a section called "Relevant Experience".

If you want a list of liberal arts skills, here are a few off the top of my head: writing and editing (already said), critical thinking, oral presentations, time management, organizational skills, perhaps you are self-motivated, group work experience, research skills (qualitative? quantitative?)
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FYI, it's résumé, not resumé. ;-)
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so it is, so it is.... here in Canada we say CV, which stands for "curriculum vitae"
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