Where is a panoramic east bay SF view?
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Looking for a scenic San Francisco East Bay location that i can shoot a picture of my car, preferably something that catches a bay view.

A bit of a weird one, but i'd really like to get a picture of myself and my pregnant wife with my old beat up miata to capture us while we're still carefree :) I've been thinking of driving over to the Marin headlands or Grizzly Peak Blvd to take a photo of us, but thought maybe others know of a place in the east bay were one can get a nice panoramic. I'm not picky (i'm sure there are plenty of awesome random courts or side of the road locations), and would love to hear of your secret spot.
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Treasure Island? If you go out to the northwest corner of the island you can get some pretty incredible views.
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Shoreline Drive and Ballena Blvd in Alameda. Also, the former Alameda Naval Air Station.

Middle Harbor Shoreline park in Oakland.

Treasure Island.

Miller/Know Regional Shoreline in Point Richmond.

For a bit higher vantage, drive up Moeser Lane in El Cerrito.

If you are heading to the Headlands, check out the former Fort Baker at the foot of the GGB.
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I can't add to the above good suggestions (but Moeser has a lousy view- the power lines spoil it...) But I'll bet in 20 years you won't be paying as much attention to the background when you look at the photo.
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thanks, these are great. In checking streetview it looks like 729 panoramic way in oakland may also be a contender. I'd agree that treasure island is also a great view. I'd agree though that the view won't be as important as the memories of discovering a new spot.
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9633 skyline blvd oakland also looks interesting, but i'm now leaning towards 13637 Campus Drive oakland as it's right above the old quarry at 580...
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Mt. Diablo has a bay view.
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Grizzly Peak Blvd. Several pullouts with wide panoramic views of the bay and out to the ocean. 3930 Grizzly Peak Boulevard, Berkeley, CA
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Seconding Grizzly Peak - it's about 1300' there with great open views to the Bay.
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This thread is giving me goosebumps! Used to ride my bike up to Grizzly Peak weekly, and there are several gravel pull-offs with amazing views. For sea level shots, you also might want to drive down to the end of Solano Ave to the Buchanan St. Extension, which offers stunning views of the eminently bizarre Albany Bulb, and the SF skyline beyond.
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The parking lots at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley have been the site of pictures of *my* car with the bay and the city in the background.
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