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At the top of some Blogger templates, a large white gap is now appearing. They say that it is being worked on, but it has been there for quite a while now and I would really like to get rid of it. Can anyone with knowledge of CSS or web design more generally suggest what might have gone wrong, as well as how to fix it?
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I know no CSS, but are you using tables to format your posts? If so, Blogger may be inserting extra line breaks. Try turning off line breaks at Settings > Formatting > Convert line breaks.
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In my 30 second evaluation, it looks like they're inserting an empty div set to "clear: both;" right before the text of each post. If that right-hand navigation div is floated, this would cause the text in the post to jump down below the navigation.
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They just announced a fix.
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I'm glad I saw this; I've been tearing out what little remains of my hair every time I've looked at my blog. The fix detailed in that post totally worked for me.

(That Blogger Buzz post is dated June 29, but isn't showing up on the Blogger "dashboard" yet. Therefore, I'm really glad I saw this thread as I would otherwise still be lamenting my site's shit-tacular appearance)
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