Looking for a blogging platform that handles equations and code
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My friend and I are starting an academic blog. We will be posting equations and code snippets (mostly MATLAB), and are looking for a blogging platform that will allow us to enter them easily and display them nicely. Do you have any suggestions on what we should use?
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Github Pages would probably be your best bet, and then your code could also just live in source control. Googling around, it looks like there are a number of options for putting equations in Markdown.
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I know that Jacques Distler has hacked on Movable Type so that his blog will handle MathML.

There are a few MathML/Latex plugins for Wordpress, and there are about a bazillion that will add syntax highlighting to code.
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I've heard that Wordpress is the default blogging platform for math-heads because of its support for exactly this. For example, it has support for LaTeX.
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Github's Gist is a great way to embed snippets of code into blogs.
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MathJax makes it really easy to insert mathematical formulae into HTML documents: you just add few lines of boilerplate, then LaTeX formulae between dollar signs.

You can use MathJax with Jekyll, which also supports syntax highlighting. Jekyll is a static site generator, so you write posts as text files (possibly in version control), then run it to generate HTML that you can then copy to your server.
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