Travelled to Angola
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Has anyone been to Angola recently?

I have the opportunity to work on a project in Luanda for a few months and am just curious if anyone has been there recently. I'm well-travelled in Africa and more than aware of the fact that Angola is rather dodgy at the moment, but am just curious to get any first-hand accounts. Any assistance is appreciated!
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Best answer: I was there in 2002; facts I remember:

Everybody asks you for money;
Everybody looks at you if you are not black;
Don't drive/walk alone at night;
Do not get outside of the main city center;

Apart from this, people receive you like family if you can make some friends.

Oh, and check Mussulo Island.

And do take books/movies/things to do in your free time. There is not a lot of bookstores/cinemas/whatever in Luanda.

This is just my idea, of course, but I was also there for work, so I guess this was what you were asking :)
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