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How do I recover CDs uploaded to iTunes that no longer appear in my music library but do exist in an old iTouch?

Once upon a time I had a laptop with iTunes. I also had an iPad (1st gen) and iTouch synched to it. The laptop died,dead,does not work, so I got a netbook. I got my iTunes account on the netbook but never bothered to synch the iPad or iTouch. Many months later I decided to sell my iPad. I did a back-up of the iPad and wiped it clean. With the money I got for the iPad, I bought an iPhone 4S, and synched it to iTunes on the netbook. All good, everything happy until I realized that all the CDs I uploaded to iTunes on my laptop no longer exist in my iTunes library on my netbook and, therefore, not on my iPhone. My iTouch (2nd or 3rd gen), which I am about to sell, does have the music from the CDs in its library. How do I get this music (from the CDs I uploaded) from the iTouch to iTunes on my netbook and then onto my iPhone 4S? (I should mention I no longer have the actual CDs)
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I've used an app called Senuti (itunes backwards) to recover music from iPods.
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I should add that I have a PC (Senuti only works with Macs).
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It seems there is a Winamp plugin that can do this. Jailbreaking also allows you access to the file structure.

Be aware that when transferring music to an iPod, iTunes renames the files with a series of semi-random letters (though it leaves the metadata/ID3 tags intact). You will end up with songs labelled 'JAVX.mp3' and 'YKFP.mp3' or similar variations. You will have to use something to reverse that process if you want to recognise songs by their filenames again.
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The google claims Sharepod is the windows equivalant to Senuti.
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I'm not sure if it works with an iTouch, but I've had success with DigiDNA's TuneAid on both iPad and an iPod.
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Seconding Sharepod -- I've used it a few times on different PCs with success. I did not encounter the file naming issue that fearnothing mentions.
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Music Rescue is especially good for this. One caveat: it handles iPods infinitely better than iPads.
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Thank you! Sharepod worked perfectly, and I'm in Dylan, Springsteen, B-52s, Madonna, Elvis Costello, etc heaven. I'm marking this resolved.
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