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This weekend I increased my wife's and my dropbox capacities to 18.25 GB each using referrals culled from Google Adwords placements as outlined in this Lifehacker article. Didn't spend anything as I had a $100 coupon for Adwords laying around. Apparently they are also testing photo/video upload with a promise of earning additional free space. What other referral based opportunities might I be unaware of that this strategy might prove effective with?
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This is the dropbox photo/video upload beta mentioned on lifehacker that can get you an extra 5GB. I, as well as several of my coworkers, all were able to get the full 5GB.
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Yep, I just upped with the beta. Since I actually need Dropbox to function suitably for some real lifting I didn't want to install the beta on a machine I work with.

So I put it in a virtual instance of Windows XP I had running in Parallels. Once it was installed and I'd enabled auto-play for non-CD devices (which defaulted to off on XP) I just stuck a 4g SD card with a bunch of photos into the reader slot.

Dropbox uploaded those files and kept incrementally increasing my allocation as it did so. Or so I saw for the first gig. After that I went to bed :) Come this morning I had the additional storage - though I think it topped out at 4.5G; I believe there's a bug in this version.
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Response by poster: Thanks.

Clarification: might there be any non-Dropbox referral based opportunities that the Adwords strategy might work with? (i.e., other services with a measurable "bump-up" in service status when one refers other customers)
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Other Dropbox options:

Register a .edu email account with them for twice the referral space.
Use the getting started steps for some extra megs (including linking through facebook and twitter).
Keep an eye out for short-term promos, they previously did a treasure hunt/riddle type affair for a couple of extra gig.
(Work in IT and) Get your company to buy a teams account.
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