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I have two monitors, two computers, and one wireless keyboard & mouse. How do I get the computers to share both monitors and the keyboard & mouse?

Here's my setup:
*** 1 laptop with DVI Out, VGA Out. I use this for work.
*** 1 desktop with HDMI Out, 2x DVI Out, 2x MiniDP Out. I use this for gaming.
*** 1 monitor with HDMI in, DVI In.
*** 1 monitor with HDMI in, VGA In.
*** Wireless keyboard and mouse, USB out

I'd like to connect both monitors to both systems and easily swap between them.

I've tried connecting the monitors to the desktop, then using RDP/VNC to connect to the laptop, but the laptop is generally connected to a VPN for work, which seems to break the RDP/VNC connection. Perhaps there's a networking solution to this.

The other option is a KVM switch, but I've never had any experience with these and am not sure what I need to buy to accommodate my setup.

So I have three questions:
*** Is there a solution to being able to RDP/VNC from a home system into a laptop which is connected to a VPN for work? These are on the same wireless network.
*** What is an adequate KVM switch for this setup? Price is a concern here.
*** Are there any other options which I am missing?
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To be a little more clear Synergy will take care of using the same USB/mouse on both systems. Then you'd have to figure out what the best way to switch between monitors is, whether that's using the source button (which is what I do) or getting a dedicated device or two for it.
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Hmm the source button is an interesting thought. Let me try that. I'd need to pick up an HDMI -> DVI cable, but maybe this would work.
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You want Mouse Without Borders.
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Avitech Sequoia 4H, a 4-port HDMI/KVM switch and then some. (crappy demo video). I have seen this device in person and it is nice. Does a bit more than you need, such as displaying 4 computer outputs on one monitor, etc.
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If they are both running windows then use mouse without borders. Does the same thing as synergy but much easier to setup and less bugs. mouse without borders allows you to disable cntrl - alt -del to logon, allows things to be copied between both computers, and as long as both pc's are on you can use the mouse.

give it a try.
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Synergy is a good start. It will share your mouse and keyboard between the two computers. A small warning, it can be a pain to figure out for the first time. Find a guide. (fyi, I haven't found synergy buggy, every time it's not working I find I set something up wrong, which of course doesn't necessarily make the situation better)

The next step up is Maxivista Professional Edition[http://www.maxivista.com/]. This software will share your screens between the two computers as well as the mouse and keyboard. And by share your screens I mean you can use both screens for one computer, or change a setting and use one screen for each computer. I love it. It can be a little buggy at startup, but it is totally worth it for me. $50.

Reading over your post again, if you don't want to use both computers at once, I would totally get a hardware switch. Pay more upfront and get a high quality one though.
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