Remote Desktop from Win7 to Mac?
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is there a usable remote desktop type app for sharing your mac desktop to your windows 7 pc other than vnc?

I've tried several variants of VNC with limited results. I love the speed of RDP/RDC from a windows 7 machine to another windows 7 machine no matter where you're connecting from (local, wireless, from work, to work, etc). I just cannot find anything comparable for using my mac mini that doesn't feel like I'm connecting over a modem. Trying to manage itunes over vnc is so slow and I only find it useful if i absolutely can't get to the machine physically. I've seen several decent solutions for mac to mac or mac to pc (rdc). It would be great if it worked over wireless (g or n).

Does anyone have a reasonable solution that they find to work?
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LogMeIn Free?
posted by dcjd at 7:06 PM on March 28, 2010

Seconding LogMeIn free. It works well across platforms and is much easier to configure over gateways and across networks than VNC. The free version is more than good enough for most uses, although you don't get audio or file transfers.
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I found Team Viewer in another AskMe thread and I've been pretty happy with it.
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odd.. I went to log me in and it stated that windows 7 64bit is not supported.. tried to install on my mac and it also said that OS is not supported (snow leopard).. have any of you tried one of these apps with these OS's?
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Baggers has it; LogMeIn free is a top choice especially in the usability department. Can't speak to the Mac side of wireless use, but wireless on the PC side is quite doable (esp. wireless N.)
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Weird about VNC. I think you should give it another go and make sure you're trying all the different compression options. It works a treat for me. Zlib often is the one which does the work best.
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Wikipedia has this comparison chart. Unfortunately, they don't make any mention of Windows 7 specifically.
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Can't speak for its official supported status, but I do know that LogMeIn Free works perfectly in both directions under SnowLeopard - I use it every day.
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I would love to someday see a version of FreeNX server for OS X.
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