XP SP2 and WebDav
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i have some of my remote users in the office connect to our fileserver using webdav as a means to quickly (though admittadly not-securely) access and change documents, etc. it seems though, that since using windows xp SP2 it's been dirt slow. my user will click on a directory, and it will take no less than 10 seconds for the directory to be highlighted. that's not even attempting to open the directory - that'll take another two minutes or so. i'm trying to figure out what's exactly going on here. ideally i'll be switching to VPN soon, but in the meantime, i need to get this working properly again.

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See if this helps: remove this key in the registry:

Also this:
"SP2 includes a change to the WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) redirector—the facility that manages access to shares using the WebDAV protocol—that will disallow access if a WebDAV server is not configured to authenticate securely."
Might be something there.
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Damned google ad-words.
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