Where to buy a Luxo Jr?
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I want to own the lamp Luxo Jr. was based on, where can I find it?

As an avid Pixar fan, I've wanted for a while to own the lamp Luxo Jr.'s design was based off, but looking at the Luxo website, I can't find anything that looks like it. I'm looking for a functional desk lamp, preferably one that works with Australian power outlets, but I can find an adaptor if that's required.
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It's an Anglepoise, and Corporate Culture is the Australian distributor.
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Looks like they come up on Ebay occasionally. I'd just set up an Ebay alert for Luxo Anglepoise lamp and snap up the first one you like.
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Though the Pixar lamp is apparently based on the Luxo L-1, the licenced Norwegian adaptation of the Anglepoise 1227.
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Best answer: To sum up: the Pixar lamp has ventilation holes in the shade/bulbholder, which you get with the Luxo but not the Anglepoise. That's because the licencing agreement between Anglepoise and Luxo meant that the former had sole distribution rights in the UK and Commonwealth, while the latter got the US and elsewhere. That's no longer true, but it explains why Lasseter's lamp was a Luxo and not an Anglepoise.

Neither are cheap, but I can attest that inexpensive knock-offs tend not to stay put.
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You need to get a teapot to go with it.
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