What do I call this lamp/light thing?
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This is a light with a picture of some sort of presumably Italian religious icon. When turned on, a colorful disc rotates behind it, creating a psychedelic effect through the clear radiating slits in the picture. I want to buy something like it to modify to display my own image, but what' it called? What do I search for to find more? Photos inside.

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Can't tell you what the object is, but the religious icon is Padre Pio, in case that helps in your searches.
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Similar to, but not exactly, a zoetrope.
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It's a type of motion lamp that uses a color wheel - similar to the larger versions used to illuminate aluminium Christmas trees of yore. Added 'color wheel' to a google and found a photo of one very like your Padre Pio version - though sadly the link (to a sporting goods site!?) doesn't cough up that lamp.

But them's your terms for future periodic searches. Disregard liquid motion lamps (= lava lamps).
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