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Where can I find cotton/seersucker male suits in New York City for a 36R?

I've tried Macy's, Brooke's Brothers and Men's Warehouse and I've come up empty. Macy's and Men's Warehouse didn't have what cotton and Brooke's Brothers didn't have my size. I need a suit that could keep me relatively cool in the Dominican Republic in the middle of July. Can anyone recommend a place?
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How about checking out Barney's (660 Madison Ave.), Paul Smith (108 Fifth Ave.) or Saks Fifth Avenue / 7th. Floor (611 Fifth Ave.)?

While on the pricey side, this is prime sales time for clearing out Spring/Summer collections.

Take a look at Banana Republic, as well.
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Seersucker's wonderful - I have a lot of it, it's one of my favorite things - but, do consider a lightweight, unlined linen suit as well, which BB and J Crew also sell from time to time.
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Avoid Land's End, btw. They sell both seersucker and linen and to someone used to a Brooks Brothers' level of fit and finish, it's garbage.
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Yeah, avoid land's end. You might try a regular ol' suburban mall ... check the sales racks at J. Crew and Bananna Republic ...

Bananna Republic has a Twill suit in a 36R for sale online.
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JCrew has it, but Paul Smith is the best.
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You're going to have trouble with the size, but you might find something at Century 21 downtown. Being a 40S, I have trouble finding the right size all the time. But sometimes Century 21 has it, and they're cheap too.
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Bergdorf's too, and also try the suit places on lower 5th ave, near Daffy's (some are upstairs--Moe Ginsburg is one).
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