Tour de France 2005
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Tour de France. I do not have access to OLN through my cable provider. I want to be able to hear, (in english), live commentary of the Tour. I figured I would be able to find this on the web but have not been able to so far. I would like also find out what resources others are using to follow the grande boucle, any good blogs I should know about?
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Best answer: You can listen to a live stream at EuroSport.
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Response by poster: Oops just found this. Still interested in other resources, it would be fun to find something kinda offbeat too,
posted by flummox at 2:11 PM on July 3, 2005

Lance is also doing a podcast this year, you can find it here.
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I would recommend for your daily text Tour fix... they're based in Australia I believe, and are wildly fanatical about exhaustive Tour coverage. They post live updates as the race progresses each day.
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VeloNews offers similar "play-by-play" text coverage of each stage.
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Response by poster: Still no audio....Eurosport has a audio link but it is not working, seems this may be specific to the usa...
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Oh, I've found the Eurosport streaming page doesn't like Firefox... I had to open it in IE to get it to play.
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Torrents of the OLN broadcasts have just started showing up thank god. Also, this discussion has some suggestions for live feeds.
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Best answer: As said on the other, newer thread, here is the Direct WMA link from Euro Sport - worked this morning.
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