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Has anyone else been having imessage vs. text message problems lately?

For the past couple of days, I've noticed that sometimes my iPhone texts get sent as texts instead of as imessages. I know that sometimes this can be affected by your network or wifi connection, but several other friends in my area (South Florida) have been having the same problem texting other people as well, so I don't think it's just me.

It doesn't happen consistently, however. I can text two people with iOS 5 in quick succession and one goes as a text and another as an imessage. I seem to be able to send imessages sometimes, but some friends of mine have said that they can't seem to send them at all lately.

I've tried researching it a bit already, but I'm just finding general imessage gripes. Nothing terribly recent. Is anyone else having similar problems?
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Yes same here in DC. Started a couple days ago.
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For what it's worth, I've had this issue off and on since iOS 5 happened. (I'm in the rural deep south.)
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(on AT&T)
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I'm in Chicago, and yeah, it's been working pretty well until the last week, now most of my messages go out as texts.
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I've been having similar issues on-and-off since I got my iPhone 4s. I'm in North Texas.
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I sometimes can't send imessages to certain people, especially if they're in an area with crappy cell phone coverage.
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Yes, I've seen this too, on AT&T in Minneapolis. It's mostly when I text from my iPhone 4 to my boyfriend's 4S. Texting to other iPhone 4 people has been fine.
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When I first upgraded my iphone 4 to the new iOS, all of my texts to other upgraded iphones turned into imessages. Okay. Then, recently-ish, they turned back into text messages - all of them, and consistently - they don't go back and forth, they're always texts. I don't care so I haven't tried to fix it.

at&t, california.
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If you go to Settings -> Messages, there's an option "Send as SMS" that you can set to OFF. As far as my experience goes, it seems to work as intended.
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The only time I've had that problem was when I was trying to message someone whose iPhone was turned off.
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Same here, I think the new update fill fix this issue.
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