How would a penguin wish a human happy birthday?
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I'm in need of penguin themed birthday wishes!

I'm in charge of getting the birthday card for my Boss on behalf of everyone in the department. She loves penguins.

So many of the penguin themed birthday cards are geared toward children, so I've decided to make my own on Zazzle. I've been scouring flickr's creative commons all morning to find great pictures of the flightless polar avian and found quite a number of them.

Now I just need a saying to put in the card! Alas, I'm not very witty or creative with words. Help me mefites!

My Boss is in her early 50's, religious (although I do not know what she practices), decidedly not geeky, and she is a Canadian living in the USA.
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Happy Birthday!
Hope you have a fantastic celebration (tuxedos optional).
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Happy Birthday!
May you have a great year with many tasty fishes!
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How about grabbing some funny penguin quotes from Happy Feet?

Or something like a penguin saying "here's hoping you don't spend your birthday like I do - sliding across the ice on my belly."
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Whatever you do, don't reference presenting pebbles/stones/rocks...

Wishing you cool seas, schools of fish and a heartsong to call you home.
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Best answer: A simple "Happy Bird-day!" might pair well with some of the other suggestions.
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Best answer: For even more groans, "Flappy bird-day."
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have you thought of somehow including the Penguin from Batman?
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DeVito or Meredith?
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mmmm...both! they could play the gay penguins that live at central park zoo!
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Best answer: Well, I don't know how birthday-ish it is, but there's always Oliver Herford's classic:

The penguin sits upon the shore;
He loves the little fish to bore.
He has one everlasting joke
Which would a very saint provoke:
"The Penguin's mightier than the Swordfish";
He tells this daily to the bored fish,
Until they are so weak, they float
Without resistance down his throat.
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I usually just say "Happy Birthday" to the lucky person. Oh... wait..

Simple one that I like - "Birthday fishes."
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! Here's pictures of the end result.
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