Help me save/extract text messages from an iPhone
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What is the "best" consumer-accessible solution to extract a text message (SMS/MMS) (or series of text messages) from an iPhone?

I am looking for options to manage "traditional" text messages sent and received on company-owned iPhones. Free or cheap solutions that don't rely on cloud-based storage solutions would be ideal.

(Also ideal would be a solution that extracts as much of the information as would be recovered in a forensic-acquisition / device-seizure situation, without the associated cost and logistic difficulties.)

(The "don't conduct business via text message" train has long left the station.)

Previously (sort of, in 2010). (Not much update in 2011, either.)
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I've heard this to the the easiest way, although I haven't had to try it.
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I use PhoneView and like it a lot. $30.
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Phoneview, yes.
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