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Free Graphic Software


I am looking for a free graphic software which i can work with instead of photoshop which is really expensive. I dont need much too complicated software like Photoshop but something that does similiar work would be great. I need it to edit images for presentations and modify them and play around with brightness, make some cool effects etc.

Thanks all!
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You're looking for GIMP.
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Gimp would be my first recommendation. The interface can be a little clunky, but it does what you want (and a lot more).
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Thirding GIMP. I've used it for years with only occasional pangs of Photoshop envy.
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(In case you want a second option) I've been meaning to try Gimp, but have been using Paint.NET with no problems. Very similar to PhotoShop with fewer features.
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Glinn beat me to it by a few seconds, but I also prefer
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I found Paint.NET a little simpler to use compared to GIMP, but both are good.
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What platform are you on?
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Response by poster: wow, thanks.

i am on Win 7
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If you're working on an Apple computer, I like Seashore for simple stuff, along with the surprisingly powerful Preview, which comes with the OS.

(Just finished typing this as you updated, but I will leave it here in case it helps someone else!)
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GIMP can be pretty unintuitive to figure out, its interface is drastically different from Photoshop. is good.

Another option is Aviary, which is seriously great.
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I'd recommend looking at GIMPshop, especially if you're used to Photoshop or other work-alike programs
posted by ChurchHatesTucker at 11:58 AM on January 25, 2012 is a lot easier to use than Gimp, in my opinion.
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I would caution against GIMPshop. Last I checked, it isn't up to date with the latest GIMP codebase (with whatever instability that may imply). Plus I don't know about the current state of, but the creator of GIMPshop was not the guy running that site (and profiting from the ads/donate links) back in 2010. This may have changed since that time, of course.
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Not knowing how to use photoshop or other Adobe products, I did not find GIMP hard to learn at all.
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Personally I like and Irfanview. Paint.Net is more for effects and complicated editing. But a surprising amount can be done with Irfanview (you mentioned brightness, it also does gamma and cropping and basic effects, it can also do some "batch" work where the same change is applied to all the images in a directory, plus Irfanview is great for photo organization such as moving image files between directories using the F7 key).
Both are free and run on Windows 7.
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Seconding IrfanView.
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