Photoshop CS Books for OSX
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Photoshop CS (OSX) books for almost-beginners: I'm hearing good things on "Photoshop CS Bible" by Deke McClelland.
Photoshop CS (OSX, too) for professional photographers: I'm hearing good things on "Adobe Photoshop CS for Photographers: Professional Image Editor's Guide to the Creative Use of Photoshop" by Martin Evening.
Any other suggestions? thanks
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I like Real World Adobe Photoshop -- it wastes no time on "How to make your text look like it was carved out of solid gold!" and cuts right to the real, no bullshit tasks of cleaning, cropping & improving photos.

I believe I read it back when I got Photoshop 3... it was the first computer book I ever read where I felt like I was actually learning something about color & skill rather than following a meaningless tutorial or rehashing the Help file.

Dunno how newer versions have held up, but I think it's worth a look.
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A great book for understanding the fundamentals of Photoshop is Ben Willmore's Studio Techniques.
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I can vouch for Studio Techniques.
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I can vouch for anything by Deke McClelland - he's a serious power user who manages to write in an engaging, pleasant and easy-to-follow manner.

I can also vouch for the "Real World xxxxx" series. They help with the "how" because they show you the "why," without making the "why" intrusive or confusing.
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Photoshop for Digital Photographers.
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Response by poster: thanks everybody
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